Devil of a Deal

Devil of a Deal at Bay of Fires Seachange

It’s whale season, but for some reason we decided not to have a Whale of a Sale,

But a Devil of a Deal!


As the whales have been frolicking in the beautiful Bay of Fires over the last week, what better time for guests to come and stay a while so they give themselves plenty of opportunities to get out and see the wildlife in our area. Even as I type I am watching a Humpback whale and her calf playing off the point of Skeleton Bay. If you were at Bay of Fires Seachange you would have a great view! Of course no one can ever guarantee when, where and why the whales visit, but they have been regulars lately. Take this opportunity to come and see for yourselves. (Remember you can even bring your canine friend along – free of charge).

Or for a guaranteed wildlife experience and a DEVIL OF A TIME  take a drive down to the The Wildlife Park, Natureworld where you are guaranteed to see the amazing Wildlife that Tasmania has to offer. Take photos for yourself like the one we took last trip. Watch the devils being fed!

The deals:

Stay 4 nights in September and only pay for 3 - so total 4 night stay for 2 guests is $525

But you can also:

Bring along up to 6 friends or family - and we will give them a half price deal of $25 per night or just $100 each for a 4 night break


So if you want an amazing 4 night stay at the Bay of Fires just give us a ring, or book online by clicking on the buttons, or simply fill in the booking form anywhere online – don’t forget to mention the DEVIL OF A DEAL though.